Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the purpose of FAERSA?

A: To encourage and facilitate discussion on issues pertaining to animal ethics in Southern Africa with a view to developing and implementing changes that will enhance the lives of animals.

  1. Why does FAERSA not allow posts or comments on its Facebook page?

A: Facebook is designed to scroll the timeline up, so that posts slip down, out of sight, and out of mind. This is not a useful way of conducting a sustained, integrated, and in-depth discussion. Social Media platforms are all superficial in nature. On this forum, issues may be discussed for years, and anyone wanting to understand a topic can read everything posted on that topic.

  1. Who is FAERSA and why have the administrators not identified themselves?

A: We are people who have no need to be recognised – we are animal lovers who act as facilitators of discussion and as such do not need identities; we focus on content and ideas, not personalities, positions or affiliations. We have also seen the irrational discrimination against and victimisation of individuals and organisations that takes place regularly in Animal Rights and Welfare circles and we prefer to take no part in it. Here, we stick to principles, policies and practices and try to cut out the posturing and prejudice of ego and association.

We need to primarily unite behind a set of principles, not an identity or personality. Identities and personalities come and go; they are transient shadows of the underlying principle they attempt to represent. Principles should be the binding force and the governance by which any movement or organization manages itself.

  1. Are pseudonyms allowed?

A: In fact, pseudonyms are preferred. We believe that ‘people in disguise speak freely’ so if anyone has a need to use a pseudonym, or interact using an alias, we respect that, especially given the hostile nature of the politics in the animal community. When identities are known, people respond to person A or their organisation rather than the idea person A puts forth.The administrators will not divulge the email address of any participant – your privacy is a core priority here.

Please read the About FAERSA page and the Roles and Rules before proceeding any further.