Roles and Rules


  • Keymaster – Can create, edit and delete other users’ forums, topics and replies. Can manage Tags, and moderate a forum with the moderation tools. Has access to global forum settings, tools, and importer.
  • Moderator – Can create and edit forums. Can create, edit and delete other users’ topics and replies. Can manage Tags, and moderate a forum with the moderation tools.
  • Participant – Can create and edit their own topics and replies. This is the role that is applied to new registrants.
  • Spectator – Can only read topics and replies.
  • Blocked – All capabilities are explicitly blocked.

If someone breaks any of the Rules repeatedly, we will turn them into a Spectator for a period so that they can observe how mature adults communicate.

We’d prefer it if you registered under an alias (using a peudonym) – we are more interested in your thinking than your identity, position or organisation.


  1. NO personal attacks. If you disagree with someone, insulting them is not going to change their mind. State your position rationally and stay focused on the topic. This forum is about issues, not personalities. Your opinion of someone else’s character is not important or even relevant here, and in any case making a value judgement based on the tiny window afforded you in a social media environment, is irrational. Being shown how your argument is objectively wrong is not a personal attack. Being disagreed with about subjective matters is also not a personal attack.
  2. NO maligning or slandering of organisations, or government, or indeed any institutions. If you disagree with a policy or practice, feel free to criticise it by showing WHY you disagree with it and outlining its consequences. If someone fails to see your viewpoint, rephrase or attempt to explain it again, elaborating on ideas to make it clearer.
  3. NO hate speech, inciting of violence; NO racism, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia or any other irrational prejudice.
  4. NO pettiness. Nitpicking someone’s tone is often a waste of everyone’s time and creates unnecessary fights. If you perceive a tone to be offensive, ask the other person what they mean rather than assume that they are being nasty. Look at the content, not at the tone as you have interpreted it. Always assume good intention until proven otherwise. We all have different speaking/writing styles, and you simply cannot see the inflections or nuances they may have shown had they been standing in front of you. Don’t infer emotions or implied intent from text; it’s incomplete information when it comes to interpersonal communication. Do not assume someone is being rude or snarky based on a curt reply. They might just have a straightforward or matter-of-fact way of speaking/writing. Before responding to something you have taken offence to, stop and ask yourself a) could this be interpreted in another way? and b) is it generally offensive or an attack, or am I upset that I have been disagreed with? Politely get clarification on ambiguous comments before assuming the worst.
  5. DON’T just add Topics without looking at existing topics and assessing whether the subject matter you want to add has not already been covered.
  6. FAERSA is committed to the principles of equality, justice and freedom (i.e. freedom within the parameters of an informed and respectful responsibility, especially relative to the freedom, rights and dignity of others – human, animal and environment). Open discussion and informed critical thinking is welcome; however, anyone who deliberately ‘trolls’, harasses, posts discriminatory content and/or engages in aggressive behaviour will be subject to removal by the moderators. By participating here, you are agreeing to our policy. We reserve the right to delete posts containing any of the following:* profanity * spam * off-topic/irrelevant * misinformation * promoting violence * promoting illegal or questionable activities * marketing material for commercial ventures * electioneering. If you repeatedly violate this policy, you will be removed from the site.

Please read the About FAERSA page and the FAQ before proceeding any further.